The term Institute of behavioral science is often confused with the term social sciences. Though these two broad areas are interrelated and study systematic processes of behavior, they differ on their level of scientific analysis of various dimensions of behavior. Thus the Institute of Behavioral Science essentially focuses on the investigation of the decision processes and communication strategies within and between organisms in a social system i.e. fields like psychology, social sciences and neuroscience among others.

Institute of Behavioral science includes two broad categories: Neural-Decision Sciences and Social-Communication Sciences. These involve disciplines, which primarily deal with the decision processes and individual functioning used in the survival of organism in a social environment, which include psychology, cognitive science, organization theory, psychobiology, management science, operational research, social neuroscience and social psychology.

Institute of Behavioral Science is staffed with highly experienced mental health professionals, educational, rehabilitation professionals and cognitive neuroscientists, who provide a wide range of services in education, research and development, clinical and forensic areas.

  1. Central Institute of Psychiatry, Kanke, Ranchi, 834006, India
  2. Institute of mental health and hospital, Agra
  3. IHBAS Delhi