Meditation is the cool and calm state of mind. It generates the positive energy inside the human being. Meditation nourishes the soul and gives stamina to human body to stand you, without affecting from outside world. Energy generates by meditation spread an aura of positivity. Person practicing meditation carry a good and soothing impact all around the people surrounded.

Meditation is beyond the line of separation crated by human being on the basis of physical separation either on the basis of skin, color, caste, climate, habitat etc. It is same for everyone and everywhere. It does not require any eligibility of age, area, and environment.

Good habit of meditation is the practice of meditation and is the gaining of meditation. The simple way to feel the result of meditation is the self practice it in daily life regularly. It is always a good habit to go for meditation everyday at least for 15min-30min. The best suitable time in the early morning time, the next better time can be evening time. But if it is not possible for anytime then you can go for any minutes in 24 hours. Just practice it regularly and find the change and effect in your own life.

Meditation is adopted by almost all religion, community. Praying is also a type of meditation. Either Hindu is praying, Muslim is praying, Christian, Persian, Jainism, Buddhists, everyone while praying is not less than a meditation. Praying is only a thing when a person is loyal for yourself.

Best and easiest method of meditation is simply the closing of your eyes and relaxes your mind by removing each and every though from it. Just leave your brain free while doing meditation.  Meditation is nothing; it is a simple exercise to relaxing your mind. When your mind is in relaxing then automatically your whole body will also be in relaxed mode. Now at the time of meditation remove all your thoughts, work, pain, feeling, imagination at a side. It will definitely give you a positive outcome in your life.

Your life will of full of unbreakable joy and calmness.