Choice of a suitable place for yoga is essential. As per the Svetasvatara Upanisad, the place should be even, free from rubble, sand, fire, noise and murmur of water.

Suitable Place For Yoga

  • It should be such, where eyes do not feel troubled, air is not windy, and mind does not get disturbed.
  • In such a place one should set about in the practice of Yoga.
  • As per vast variations in the human nature from individual to individual, however, the criterion of the suitability of the locale for practice of yoga may vary to some extent within the above.
  • This is evident from a Vedic seer’s account of seers having attained the state of perfection, siddhi in yoga, by practicing their sadhana in the valleys of mountains as also on confluences of rivers.
  • The valley may suit one on account of its isolation from the rest of the world as also on account of its scenic beauty while the confluence may be helpful to another due to its rhythmic sound.

In any case, the place should be such as to suit one’s nature in allowing him to dive deep within undisturbed.